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Carolyn Bailey is internationally recognized for her knowledge and expertise in board leadership and management theory. Her cohesive system for revolutionizing and sustaining long-term organizational effectiveness has received the confidence and appreciation of boards and management across Canada and the United States.
Ms. Bailey studied, assisted, and traveled internationally with W. Edwards Deming, whose management theories were cited in U.S. News and World Report as one of the 10 hidden turning points in world history. She is especially known for her clarity in system and strategic thinking and the practical use of process improvement in the board’s work. She makes quality and board leadership principles easy to understand and friendly to use.
As president of Bailey Associates, Carolyn Bailey helps boards, councils, and chief executives redesign their work. She brings them special insight and understanding of trusteeship, the foundations for strategic decision making, and the nature of the board and CEO relationship. Her client roster of private and public organizations includes: universities, associations, schools, government, social service agencies, healthcare, medical groups, banks, family-owned businesses, and restaurants. Her clients range from the very small to those with billions in assets.
Ms. Bailey was previously associated with Carver Governance Design, Inc. For over nine years, she and John Carver, the man who introduced the policy governance theory, worked closely together on the topic of board leadership. Her knowledge and expertise with working applications of the policy governance model are considered unmatched.
Ms. Bailey has served many times as board president, board member and CEO. Her consulting has taken place in over thirty of the United States and eight Canadian provinces. A gifted speaker and facilitator, she has presented to many international conferences and professional associations. In 1994 she served as Expert-in-Residence of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation on both Board Leadership and Quality Management. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Indiana University and has completed the Columbia University’s Advanced Program in Organizational Development.




Sara Marbaugh is considered a gifted speaker and facilitator, a skilled and organized manager, and is lauded as an inspirational leader.
Ms. Marbaugh has traveled, assisted and studied with Carolyn Bailey, who was associated with Carver Governance Design for nine years, and is a leading exponent of the John Carver Policy Governance™ principles. Sara joined Bailey Associates in 2012 as Senior Consultant.
For over six years Sara has worked intimately in the development and service of board leadership. She has been instrumental in creating bylaws, setting up board and organizational structures, and writing policies and procedures in all-volunteer organizations.
She has been a manager in business and training. Sara served in board leadership as Chair, Secretary, and various other positions. She holds a bachelor’s degree and completed an MBA at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business. 
As a wife and mother of three children, she understands the busy schedule of people serving on volunteer boards. Sara is personally committed to the success of the board governance process. She celebrates the dedication of those who serve on governing boards. If she can help make the governing process be more efficient and effective, she feels successful. Currently, she is working on a Handbook to guide the creation, organization, and management of youth sports associations.
She worked with a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company for five years. She has served on various non-profit boards.

  • The Kettering-Moraine Board of Education has been practicing the "governance model" for about one year. During our training and orientation I have had the opportunity to work extensively with Carolyn Bailey. She has a tremendous grasp of the issues relating to board governance/leadership and quality management. Carolyn is an enthusiastic and effective teacher and has a keen ability to apply theory and practical application, which is very meaningful and useful. If you are interested in improving your effectiveness as a board member, staff or executive, Carolyn' s consultations and seminars are the groundwork for tremendous change and improvement in your leadership and management skills.

    Mike Robinette,School Board Member
    Kettering, Ohio

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