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Our New Board Leadership™ approach will bring about positive changes for empowering the partnership between the Board and CEO, for focusing on your mission, and on monitoring performance.
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New Board Leadership™

An Advanced Interactive And Sustainable Approach to Leadership and Governance

The Basics:

1. Quality Governance: Eye Opening Principles for Governance and Partnership with your CEO.  (Usually 4-8 hours. A short introduction is available.)

2. Making Policies That Work: Policy Development and Deployment from Board to CEO and even CEO to Staff.  In just one day, develop most of the policies you will ever need for secure and clear delegation, empowerment, and the monitoring of performance. (One Day)

3. Aiming at Aims: How to develop clear outcomes and vision with indicators. (Half day)


The Advanced:

4. Bailey’s Tool Box for Boards:  

  • Creating a plan for accomplishing the board’s work, not for operations, including how to write charters and guidelines for new policies.
  • Establish the monitoring/evaluation mechanisms and doing it…for operations and Board alike!
  • Developing effective meeting tools and agendas
  • Bailey’s Roadmap for Strategic Thinking and Decision-Making: A Step-by-Step Process, New Tools and Alternative Strategic Scenarios for Decision-Making.
  • Understanding data and meaningful measures: What you should consider!
  • Linking with owners, others and the larger systems.  Includes subsidiary boards.

5. Successful Strategic Alliances: Making collaborations easier even with competitors.

6. Understanding personality and Better Communication: Clarity on how people want information and make decisions.  The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator Session for board and/or top staff.  Building a strong team that appreciates differences, resolves conflicts, and makes effective decisions.


This New Leadership Development approach will bring about positive changes for quality in your work; for empowering relationships between board and CEO and CEO and Staff; understanding self and others; and for building organizational effectiveness and institutional knowledge.  You may combine topics and pick and choose which best meet your needs.  However, some are developmental and build on each other.  Most are transferable to other settings.  Some materials are available in Japanese and French.   Our workshops, materials and consultation bring about new sustainable skills and knowledge along with an interactive design that meet your needs.


Bailey Marbaugh Consulting is committed to your excellence in leadership.
We look forward to working with you!


- Clarity of board and executive roles
- Shift to a strategic leadership and long-term vision
- Explore an old topic with new eyes
- Proactively and clearly state the board’s values
- Tools for implementation
- Develop a sound operating system
- Describe delegation and accountability for CEO
- Clarify the board’s own job and rules
- Set the basis of performance monitoring
- Reach a new level of excellence
- Enable strategic leadership
- Alleviate strain between the board and staff
- Focus on the future of the organization
- Maintain connection and dedication to the membership
- Improved board meeting agendas
  • The difference is like night and day under the New Board Leadership Program! Our board has ceased nitpicking and second-guessing management, which allows the CEO to run the business more effectively. The board and management clearly understand their respective roles and responsibilities, and the board now gives more attention to strategic issues. Our board meetings are more effective and much more is accomplished. We now do in one day what once took two days. The organization is more focused with clear priorities, long range plans, and the board finds it easier to evaluate the CEO’s performance. The company is making much better and faster progress towards our goals.

    Roger Speyer,CEO
    Professional Security Alliance

Bailey Marbaugh Consulting