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Our New Board Leadership™ approach will bring about positive changes for empowering the partnership between the Board and CEO, for focusing on your mission, and on monitoring performance.
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  • Our Board adopted a combination of policy governance and total quality management. Carolyn Bailey stimulated our creative juices and now carefully monitors our progress. In my 23 years as a trustee, I have never been so challenged, stretched or excited. Policy governance, transformation, continuous improvement, Strategic Planning, focus groups, round tables, partnerships, visioning -- WOW -- demanding -- yes -- but so rewarding. I feel less manipulated. I understand my community and my fellow board members better. I am more trusting, and therefore, more open to empowerment which I believe makes for a stronger, more effective system. I would recommend this process and Carolyn Bailey quickly.

    Pat Crossman,Former Vice-Chairman of School District #2
    Moncton, New Brunswick and President of the Canadian School Boards Association 1995

Bailey Marbaugh Consulting