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Our New Board Leadership™ approach will bring about positive changes for empowering the partnership between the Board and CEO, for focusing on your mission, and on monitoring performance.
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The difference is like night and day under the New Board Leadership Program! Our board has ceased nitpicking and second-guessing management, which allows the CEO to run the business more effectively. The board and management clearly understand their respective roles and responsibilities, and the board now gives more attention to strategic issues. Our board meetings are more effective and much more is accomplished. We now do in one day what once took two days. The organization is more focused with clear priorities, long range plans, and the board finds it easier to evaluate the CEO’s performance. The company is making much better and faster progress towards our goals.

Roger Speyer,CEO
Professional Security Alliance

Policy governance is not just another theory. With Carolyn Bailey's practical implementation strategies, it becomes a powerful tool that enables a board and CEO to march boldly into the 21st Century. Carolyn Bailey's ability to integrate policy governance, total quality theory and real-world challenges makes her unique among management consultants. We have a board that clearly demonstrates and appreciates leadership and understands its governance role as well as the partnership between staff and the board. Her powerful but practical approach to governance is unsurpassed. My unqualified recommendation

Leigh Wintz,CAE, Executive Director
Soroptimist International

Carolyn Bailey has worked expertly with our Board of Directors to help them understand the proper role of a governing body and to realize how they can provide true organizational direction and leadership. With Carolyn's help, the Board has released itself from the time-consuming confines of administrative oversight, and can now focus on the organization's purpose and the members' needs. I have been particularly impressed with Carolyn's ability to ensure that everyone in the group feels included and heard. Even the members most resistant to change have shown a deep respect for Carolyn and the concepts that she has presented.

James D. Stroop,Executive Director
International SL-1 Users Association

As a superintendent of schools, I am genuinely excited about the enhancement of school board leadership through the linkage of Dr. W. E. Deming's principles with Carolyn Bailey's governance/total quality concepts. Carolyn, an outstanding teacher and content specialist, has a way of convincing workshop participants that board processes and quality improvement can be blended together to form a highly effective organizational structure. Carolyn's facilitation skills keep participants actively engaged in the learning process.

Dr. James R. Gland,Superintendent Schools (Retired 1996)
East Allen County Schools, New Haven, Indiana

Carolyn Bailey’s step by step approach to Policy Governance made the transition very understandable and kept our board on track. We are now focused on Strategic Issues -- real Board Work and allow Management to focus on Management work. Policy Governance is critical to ensuring a future for your organization.

Steve Gray,Chair of the Board
OnPoint Community Credit Union, Portland, Oregon

Participants comments: We learned a totally different view of board participation . . . Fresh insights into how boards should operate . . . I realized that the board I'm on is micro-managing staff . . . We need to develop clearer distinctions between board and staff functions as Carolyn explained . . . I learned the most sensible role for the board . . . Carolyn was our best speaker . . excellent facilitator . . . great communicator . . . Carolyn Bailey has excellent presentation skills.

Ann Daly,Series Coordinator
The Ardath Burkhart Series on Board Leadership Development United Way of Central Indiana

Our Board adopted a combination of policy governance and total quality management. Carolyn Bailey stimulated our creative juices and now carefully monitors our progress. In my 23 years as a trustee, I have never been so challenged, stretched or excited. Policy governance, transformation, continuous improvement, Strategic Planning, focus groups, round tables, partnerships, visioning -- WOW -- demanding -- yes -- but so rewarding. I feel less manipulated. I understand my community and my fellow board members better. I am more trusting, and therefore, more open to empowerment which I believe makes for a stronger, more effective system. I would recommend this process and Carolyn Bailey quickly.

Pat Crossman,Former Vice-Chairman of School District #2
Moncton, New Brunswick and President of the Canadian School Boards Association 1995

Carolyn Bailey has a fresh and dynamic approach to governance and strategic planning. Blending the best of policy governance and Deming's quality management theory, she provides a convincing, rational method for leadership and accountability, for both board and management. She is a practical teacher and an engaging speaker.

Fred Kinsie,Executive Director
Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region, Canada

We have a unique situation in several ways. First of all, Carolyn has been a member of our board for several years - she has taught us, and she helps us live it. Also unique has been our experience in applying this governance model in an organization without an executive. In lieu of an executive, we chartered committees to act as CEO's to carry out our aim. It works! Carolyn has been vital to our adoption of the new governance model. It's been a pleasure to work with and learn from her. I keep wanting other organizations I am associated with to adopt her methods.

Ray W. Wilson,P.E., President of Board
Indy Quality Productivity and Involvement Council, Indianapolis, Indiana

Carolyn is an excellent workshop leader. The governance model is clear. While this is serious business, her humor and encouragement of participation leads to unfreezing our prior process and speeds us along into the new way of governance. Without a doubt with her enthusiasm, skills and clarity, Carolyn Bailey's presentation is one of the very best. The implementation structure, which she developed, is essential support for those of us who want to use this governance successfully. We now have the theory and tools to be an excellent board and truly lead.

E. B. Devereaux,President
American Occupational Therapy Foundation

The Kettering-Moraine Board of Education has been practicing the "governance model" for about one year. During our training and orientation I have had the opportunity to work extensively with Carolyn Bailey. She has a tremendous grasp of the issues relating to board governance/leadership and quality management. Carolyn is an enthusiastic and effective teacher and has a keen ability to apply theory and practical application, which is very meaningful and useful. If you are interested in improving your effectiveness as a board member, staff or executive, Carolyn' s consultations and seminars are the groundwork for tremendous change and improvement in your leadership and management skills.

Mike Robinette,School Board Member
Kettering, Ohio

Carolyn Bailey deftly handled concerns and questions from the most vocal Board members--and ultimately assisted them in forging a unified voice that is clearly focused on the future.

Kevin Drollinger,President CEO
Crittenton Family Services, Columbus Ohio

The two-day workshop, which you gave under the auspices of the fund-raiser’s group in Kalamazoo-Battle Creek, was the most worthwhile continuing education experience I have had in my 30 odd years. It was a "sea change" workshop, which profoundly influenced my philosophy of working in the governmental area. A lot of my sacred cows were gored, today the least, which accounted for the plaintive "mooing" in your presentation. (Carolyn Bailey was the W. K. Kellogg Foundation Expert-in-Residence on both Quality and Governance/Board Leadership. She gave seminars on both topics.)

Frank Hemphill,Portage Public Library
City of Portage, Michigan

Carolyn is down-to-earth in her training techniques and helped us reach new heights in our governance--we contracted with her twice and recommend her highly. Bailey Associates has a fresh and dynamic approach to governance. Blending the best of Carver's policy governance and Deming's quality management theory, they provide a convincing, rational method for leadership and accountability, for both board and management.

John Enns,General Manager
PWI Manufacturing, Inc., Ontario, Canada

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